Employee Search

Get immediate access to a large pool of potential employees, and hand-tailor a job posting that can quickly match with qualified WorkInTexas.com job seekers.
Step-by-step instructions on how to register and post a job with WorkInTexas.com. Learn what you'll need to know to start finding qualified employees today.

Employer Solutions Representatives

Get assistance creating, or updating a job posting to maximize its visibility to potential job seekers. Employer Solutions Representatives are available in your local workforce solutions center.

Applicant Screening / Referral

Employers can have only those individuals who match their specific job qualifications referred to them. Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas staff will pre-screen applicants prior to receiving interviews with employers.

Customized Assessments

Each workforce solutions center offers specialized software which allows employers to create customized tests for applicant screenings. Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas offers OPAC an office skills, clerical skills and software skills pre-employment testing program.